Having been in teaching a while, I've taught quite a few pupils over the years, and been in quite a few schools. I've been at Hermitage for about a year now, so thought I'd have faded completely from the memories of any former pupils.

To my great surprise, some have been in touch recently, probably having 'googled' me and found this blog.

Without divulging any of details, their messages have been largely unwelcome, like being spammed personally.

I'm sure this is just one minor downside of having a web presence, but its a bit annoying none the less.

So if any of my former pupils read this, please take note of the following -

I'm fine, my job is very different to where I taught you, I won't be coming back, you are entitled to your opinions, and I too have opinions, but I do not feel the need to force mine upon you. I hope you are successful in your studies.