Mac PC Book Win Pro XP

Trying to run a mac with bootcamp using both MacOS X and Windows XP?

Here's a few things I had problems with.....

Graphics Settings

To mirror desktop onto projector on Macbook Pro running Windows XP.

  1. Right click on desktop à ‘properties’
  2. Click on ‘settings’ tab, click on display ‘2’,
  3. Uncheck ‘extend my desktop’, then click ‘advanced’ button  (this brings up ATI graphics card settings)
  4. Click on ‘display’ tab

Switch monitor tabs (at top left of boxes) as follows –

Top left ‘Monitor’ – red tab (off)

Top right ‘Monitor’ – green tab (on) select screen button [2]

Bottom left ‘Panel’ – green tab (on) select screen button [1]

Check ‘preserve wide aspect ratio……’

Click ‘Apply’ then ‘OK’

As for saving setting – I tried, but it didn’t keep the settings as I’d just set them.

Hope this helps.

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