I've just spent an hour fiddling about with Arygll & Bute's CPD new online database, 'Learning and Needs Analysis' (LANA). It's straightforward enough and full of useful features. Having been co-opted into the school's CPD working group it now falls upon me to roll this out across the science faculty in the school.

The system allows users to store details of subject and skills expertise, personal interests and learning needs - identified through PRD. It also include the authority CPD catalogue which can be searched to identify relevant courses.

What is potentially most useful is the facility to find other staff with particular areas of expertise. I've mentioned ALBA interfacing, so theoretically anyone can search for ALBA expertise, find my contact details and get in touch. Staff are allowed to opt out of sharing information about their expertise, but it is hoped that everyone will recognise the usefulness of this facility and make the best of it.

Having invested a lot of time, effort and, no doubt, a fair bit of cash into LANA, Argyll & Bute are going to insist that all staff use this new system, which is no bad thing. What I'm not sure about is how it fits with Glow - which promises to do many of the same things, but with a national, rather than authority, perspective.