I tried a small ICT exercise with my S2 science class last week - producing a simple data sheet for a given chemical element.

With an unusually high rate of successful first log-in attempts (16 out of 17), we got off to a flying start.

The pupils were given a good staring place for information (www.webelements.com) and an overview of the type of data to be included in order to produce a single page MSWord document.

This is where it all started to unravel a bit. Some were highly proficient users of MSWord, inserting tables, WordArt headings, and images with ease. Others needed almost constant instruction. And when it came to emailing their finished work to me, despite my best efforts at demonstrating how to do so via the projector, I had a room full of pupils scratching their heads.

In my last school the network ran IBM's TLC NetConnect system, where teachers could create class folders into which such files as blank document templates, writing schemes, etc; could be placed, opened and worked on by pupils and then saved on completion.

I'd love to know if a similar set-up exists in Argyll & Bute, so I'm off to speak to the ICT technicians before trying a similar exercise with my S1 pupils next week.

Watch this space!