Today's ALBA install on my new split-personality MacPCBookProXP went swimmingly after circumventing the very fussy internal DVD drive (it seemed to want the disk to be surgically clean). Only after I'd transferred the necessary files to the network from my trusty old PC, which would happily try to read a Hob-Nob, did I get started.

The installation of each set of applications was over in a flash, and the hardware connected easily via the USB, and in the short time I had to play about it seemed to work just fine. No doubt it'll wait until I'm taking measurements infront of a class before it throws a wobbler.

I haven't quite sorted out the video settings to make it all work with the projector - it seems to want to be a second display - but I'm pleased that evrything else seems to be working properly. The IT technician is rightly proud of himself too! (Thanks again, Bob!)