Just spent over an hour using 'Glow Meet' with Sinclair Mackenzie trying out the video conferencing and having a few scribbles on the white board.

I wanted to try it out before attempting a demo at Teachmeet:Physics on Thursday, where I'm doing a wee thing on using Glow in the classroom.

Another Glow evangelist - Jaye Richards -  had hoped to do a presentation on using the Nintendo Wii to teach sound & light, but is now unable to attend. There was a lightbulb moment, and Sinclair suggested trying to get Jaye to do her presentation using Glow Meet. Unfortunately this won't be possible either, but it was a great idea.

Andrew Brown and Neil Winton suggested a link with a Glow Learn training course happening in Stirling on the same night. I hoped they were joking at first, but flushed with success, I'm now thinking 'why not?'.

I was pretty unconvinced by Glow Meet when it was demonstrated at my Mentor training - I appreciated the technical prowess, but couldn't see a way I'd use it for teaching.

Events like Teachmeets, distance learning for pupils in remote rural areas, CPD and subject meetings (especially ones in Inveraray) all lend themselves spectacularly well to Glow Meet. I'm hoping someone more influential than me (that's pretty much anyone then) can take this idea and run with it.

Watch this space, or perhaps another space......