Candidates must keep a daily account  of all work undertaken as part of their investigation. This is the evidence of their having completed the specified unit of the Advanced Higher Physics course.

This 'daybook' is entirely separate from the "write up" which is a formal document that constitutes a proportion of the candidates overall grade for the final examination.

Traditionally candidates have produced daybooks of varying quality, including varying quantities of material, which (and I may be alone here) are only really looked at if a centre is moderated by the SQA.

The only requirement, that I can see, from the SQA is that the daybook is available in a paper format.

This got me thinking - why could candidates not use a blog to record their day to day progress?

I've asked the Scottish Physics teaching community - SPUTNIK - and while there is interest, nobody can confirm that a blog would be an acceptable format in which a candidate might complete this piece of work.

I'm reluctant to encourage any of my candidates to embark on this course of action without first knowing that this format will be admissible. This being the case I've contacted the Qualifications Manager for Physics at the SQA, Andrew Shield.

Watch this space - and maybe a few others.