I went along to Yorkhill Hospital in Glasgow tonight for an IOP event in the medical Physics Department.

About 70 physics and biology teachers from around the west of Scotland attended the event, staffed by some brilliant folk who had given up their time to give us an insight into the work they do in MRI, Nuclear Medicine and Electro-physiology.

At the end of the tour, our hosts asked us for ideas of what could be done with pupils in relation to the work done in the Medical Physics department. Immediate answers included S2 subject choice, SG Physics 'Health' unit, and careers options for senior pupils.

It was also suggested that the department could put together some resources, including video and presentations detailing their work and the career paths of some of the staff.

It occured to me at this point that a Glow Meet would be an ideal way to acheive many of these goals. It was also suggested that any materials could be hosted on Glow.

So, some time soon, when I get the chance, I'll be contacting Glow towers to see if we can maybe sort something out.

Thanks must go to Ronna Montgomery and the Medical Physics team for the whole event. Another brilliant CPD event and a great opportunity to share great stuff on a national level via Glow.