I've been thinking about putting together another TeachMeet in the new term. Part of the thinking has been about trying a stripped back, low (no?) tech version, with the emphasis firmly on sharing ideas not technology. A sort of 'TeachMeet - unplugged', if you will.

This is in response to a few concerns I have about TeachMeets, which I think such an approach might address -

  • the technology seems to be be taking over a bit, bringing in mainly those teachers who are quite 'techy' and, perhaps, turning off those who are not
  • TeachMeets can end up 'preaching to the choir', the idea (and its undoubted benefits) can only grow if it increases its appeal by bringing in more first time attendees
  • organising TeachMeets increasingly involves some level of 'sponsorship chase', either organisers chasing funds for venues/catering etc, or sponsors chasing exposure to a captive audience

The difficulty of such an approach, obviously, is how to share the event outside of the venue?

Having run live internet feeds for a few TeachMeets, the level of live interaction with the web audience has been quite low (though that could just be the ones I've done). One of the most useful things would be to have some sort of archive of material - slides, links, documents, wikis, etc relating to the presentations.

I figure if some attendees could record presentations, through audio/video/photographs, this material could be aggregated through a posterous site (or similar), as has been tried at other TeachMeets - e.g. TMAyr. Ideally as many people as possible would record this material, though how many people collecting this material would be enough to make it worthwhile?

Any thoughts?