I am really itching to put together some properly interactive stuff together, even if it's just wee revision quizzes, but know very little about how to even get started.

I've spoken to Maggie about looking into getting 'Breeze', she also gave me an exceedingly large folder to help me learn 'Flash', and I've been dead impressed with Graham's 'Articulte' quizzes for Biology. These all seem to be viable possibilities for producing something a bit more interesting than the 'death by a thousand clicks' of powerpoint.

What's putting me off jumping in and getting on with it is the prospect of finding that the software won't or can't do what I want it to. Part of me feels it'd be a waste of time devoting the effort to learning how to make it not do what I want it to. The other part recognises that anything I learn will be inherently valuable regardless of its utility.

Any advice?